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MoBo is Volunteer-Run

MoBo is a volunteer-run cooperative. Everything we are is contributed by members on a volunteer basis. A lot happens here, and we could always use more help!

We believe that everyone has gifts and talents to contribute, and that our co-op, like our neighborhoods, becomes better when folks get involved and share those gifts. You do not need to know anything about bikes to volunteer at MoBo.

Why Volunteer?

  • We depend on volunteers to keep MoBo going. Each year we hire one person to serve as the Coordinator of our summer Kids’ Day program, but besides that, every other person here is a volunteer member. We believe our neighborhood and our city benefit from this project, and we need help to keep it going!
  • Volunteer hours count toward bike adoptions, used part adoptions, and even membership itself. 1 volunteer hour is equivalent to $5. Volunteer hours are recorded in the Volunteer Binder.

Volunteering During Open Shop

We can always use volunteers during Open Shop. We have two primary volunteer positions:

  • Shop Coordinator
  • Shop Mechanic

If you are interested in learning to do either of these roles, the first step is to come to an Open Shop and let a current volunteer know you are interested in shadowing. This is the best way to learn about the volunteer positions and about MoBo itself, and shadowing is volunteering, so you’ll be earning volunteer hours immediately.

Immaculate Sunday (Sundays 11am-2pm)

Sunday mornings at MoBo are Co-op time. This means instead of working on personal projects, members will be there each week from 6-9pm doing all the other stuff necessary to keep this place running smoove. It’s one of the best times to check out the co-op, plug yourself in, and give back to the little co-op that gives you so much.

The type of volunteer work we do changes a bit each week depending on the needs of the co-op, but may include organizing our inventory of bikes available for adoption, receiving and processing donated bikes and parts, cleaning up the space, planning events, etc. We also sometimes hold committee meetings during this time, which also count as volunteering.

Co-op timeis also a time you can work on repairing bikes that will be available for adoption. (Remember, no personal projects this night.) So if working on bikes is your thing, or you want to learn more by sharing the wrenching with others, this is a good opportunity. Your labor will directly support getting recycled bikes back on the road and into the hands of someone who will appreciate it.

Volunteering for the Kids’ Day Program

Our Kids’ Day program happens throughout the summer on Mondays from 5:30-8pm. We’re always in need of volunteers for a variety of duties to make this fun and constructive for our young ones!

We are looking for volunteer mechanics to help kids work on their bikes, and for people excited to organize games and activities for the kids who are waiting in line. In the past we’ve had arts activities, hula contests, a visit from a goat, storytelling… use your imagination and share your assets! If you’ve got an idea or know someone who might, let us know! We can also always use volunteers to simply help keep things running smoothly: people to sign-in kids, talk about MoBo, assist the mechanics, etc.

Special Events

MoBo hosts or participates in a number of special events each year in which we need volunteers. For example:

  • MoBo Bike Sale (May). We always need volunteer help throughout the spring preparing bikes for the sale.
  • MoBo Fundraiser Party. We usually hold a fundraiser party in the spring (we decided not to in 2017).
  • The Northside Rock ‘n’ Roll Carnival (July 3-4, 2017). We staff a booth each year and need volunteers.
  • The Northside 4th of July Parade (July 4, 2013). Ride with us!
  • Bike MS (August 25+26, 2013). We volunteer as a group at Camp Kern.
  • Kids Outdoor Adventure Expo (July 14, 2017). We ran a bike obstacle course at Winton Woods
  • Etc.

Other Opportunities

We have many other opportunities to volunteer. If you have skills in event planning, maintenance, cataloging, art, advocacy, design, mowing grass, organizing, publicizing, etc, etc, we’d love to hear from you. Talk to a volunteer at the shop, post on our Facebook page, or e-mail!