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Produced by Cameron Knight for CityBeat, May 2011


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In the news:

December 2012, WCPO, Connecting with Community – Starfire Council

August 2011, WVXU 91.7, Exploring Cincinnati’s Bike Culture by Tana Weingartner

August 2011, WVXU 91.7, Bike Polo: Fast-Paced Game Gaining Popularity by Mark Heyne

May 2011, City Beat, Riding Momentum by Chris Charlston

May 2011, City Beat, Training Wheels by Stephen Carter-Novotni

September 2010, Cincinnati Magazine, It’s Not About the Bikes by Kathy Y. Wilson

February 2010, The News Record, Bicycle Co-op Teaches Community by Jayna Barker

June  2009, WGUC 90.0, Chelsea Vanderdrink getting the lowdown on MoBo

September 2008,  City Beat, No One Rides for Free by Danny Cross

June 2008, Streetvibes, Shifting Gears Forward by Greg Olkhovsky

July 2007; WVXU 91.7: Katie Orr profiles the MoBo Bicycle Cooperative

June 2007, City Beat, Bike Co-op Thrives in Northside by Steven Carter-Novotni

May 2007, City Beat, Pedal or Die by Sara Yaste