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Whats Between the Lines

It sure has been raining a lot lately.  It is a good thing.  The water is being planted into the earth for later use.  All those shiny cold droplets glistening on the branches, blades, and leaves push the plants energy deeper in, planting that, too, for later use.  Just something to consider next time you’re out in it.  And being out in it is what this post is about.  And a bit more specifically, how to be out in it safely.

Ride safe, don't ride between the the tire lines

Ride safe, don't ride between the the tire lines

Last time I wrote about wet metal.  Remember that?  Only good wet metal is really good heavy metal, otherwise its bad luck, so try your best to avoid it or hold steady as you go over it.  The other tricky tricky during the rain is where in the road you ride.  Really.  You wouldn’t think it would make a difference but it does.  When its raining, ride in the car tracks.  The reason for this is that inbetween those tracks lies slickness – oil and other lubricants that leak or  get washed off the bottom of cars and sit in the street until the rains pull it to the surface.  And its most dangerous early in the rainfall before its had time to be pushed to the sides and middle by constant tire pressure from all the traffic.   Next time you’re caught in the rain on your bicycle, notice where all the pretty swirly rainbow colors are on the concrete.  Just don’t notice them too long or you might end up going splat!

So remember, in the rain, what lies between the lines can mess you up.

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