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That Fever is Rough, Time for Vapor Rub

How Do You Dress For the Cold Weather?Perpetual motion machine…… that’s like folks on tracks bikes that have to move their feet with the pedals as the wheel moves.  Continually moving.  That crisp December breeze hitting your face, making your eyes water a bit, all those nerves feeling that cool buffet.  And ol Jack Frost, he’s a kinkster, that one.  Like, how his fingers slide up under the back of your shirt, lashing any exposed skin.  Or how your jacket opens and the chill wraps around your stomach like a tornado.  The absolute worst, my perpetually-in-motion friends, is when it goes right through your sweater.  It creeps in!  Finds every little hole and crevice between the weaves, and Land! when it gets through and there’s sweat on your chest.

We all want to be babied when we’re sick, don’t we?  Someone to make you tea, rub your back, put a hand on your forehead,  bring you movies.  Sounds nice, doesn’t it?  Don’t forget the fever.  And the achy muscles.  The sweats, the rasp in the lungs.  Not fun.

So, an ounce of prevention vs pound of cure….

Keep the moisture off the chest.  Athletic shirts of various fiber types accomplishes this.  It does.  Yeah, yeah…. not in your wardrobe, well, what in there might remove moisture from your skin?  The answer is NOT COTTON!

And if the special moisture control shirt is unavailable, then at least keep the wind off your chest.  Nothing says pneumonia like a good bike ride in cold weather in the wrong jacket.

Remember, moisture control and thermoregulation.  You know what they mean.  How do you practice it?

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