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Best Progressive Cold Crushin’ and Serving Your Winter Warm

Winter’s no excuse.  Really.  Tough titties.  We’ve been busy at Mobo.  Have you been down to the shop recently?  Ask to see the garage or the bamboo bicycle.  Tonight if you show up for Co-op Night you can partake in the Stripping Party.  All proceeds go to sending our handsome asses to Bike Bike in Vancouver, B.C. this summer.  Sponsorships available.  Ask for me.

The Gene Autry BicyclePee Wee's bike!!!This warm winter has been extremely pleasant for afternoon bicycle rides.  When Saturday came with the rain, we were already ahead of it.  Through downpours of rain, then snow, treacherous Sunday drivers on Saturday, the flat open highways of central Ohio, and the blessed company of friends, MoBo held a fieldtrip to the Bicycle Museum of America.  <Place ridiculous amount of drool here.>  What a collection!!  Velocipedes!  Penny farthings!  Pee Wee’s bike!  A bicycle that did 108 mph!  Sexy string skirt catchers!  Hand pulled pinstripin!  Women’s liberation!  Cows!  America!  Fuck Yeah!!

Oh no, don’t think that’s all.  We have you all winter, baby, into the spring:

This Sunday during open shop, Laura Collins will be leading  Bike-CRAFT 1: Pimp My Ride.  Mmhmm.  Knit ‘r’ done!

The Winter Workshop series could be just what you need to get you and that cute little bike of yours out on the road before spring even hits.  Every Monday night at 7pm for the next two months  in the shop.

Bike Sale Committee meets this Thursday, Feb. 9, at 7 at Mayday.  You want a new bike?  April 14th.  Mark your calendars.  “If you ain’t got your taxes done by now, just buy a bike.”

Volunteer Committee meets at the Comet at 9:15 on Feb. 15th.

The annual Fundraiser planning has begun.

And what about a station at the Flying Pig Marathon this year?  I like runners, don’t you?  Maybe a water balloon station and whiskey station….

How about a safety segue for a few minutes?  Now, now.. don’t pout.  I only bring it up because I love you.  Did I just say that out loud?  Let’s discuss running your lights.  Now imagine its night.   The air is brisk.  You can make out the chug chug and screech of railroad cars playing a back beat  to the rhythm of your bicycle ride.  You’ve been riding those main roads with regular traffic.  Your lights blinking either let them know you were there or gave them a case of the seizures.  Now you’ve turned off to the side streets.  Where its quieter.  The cars don’t move as fast.  More foot traffic.  Perhaps you’re by yourself.  Feel a little tighter?  Maybe in the cheeks or the shoulder blades?  Well, maybe, just maybe, you shouldn’t run your lights.  I’m just sayin’.  That beautiful deep silence of the momentum you cascade through, as do those shorties on the corner; is broken…. disturbed… touched by lights meant to ward off the treacheries of automotive vehicles.  Time and place….  time and place.
Late breaking news!  MoBo has been nominated as Best Progressive.  Progressive what, hmm?  Progressive thinkers?  Progressive programming?  Progressive dance?  What about Best Progressive Synth-Pop Band from the Eighties?  Go check it out at the City Beat website.

Looking forward to talking with you later.

Snow peas and grease,