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Bangin’ Bamboo

Bamboo Bike jig

Building the jig for the bamboo bike.

Neato torpedo!!  MoBo had an impromptu bamboo bicycle building workshop last week.  The workshop was held by past MoBo member, Dan Vogel-Essex, of Ozon Bicycles.  Currently based in Berlin, Germany, Dan was in Cincinnati visiting family and friends and stopped by the Co-op.  One thing led to another… after hours, resins purchased, a crew of people cutting up bike frames to use, extremely rich and delicious Ghirardelli chocolate brownies, and a custom bike jig.  Dan explained the process, showed critical points to look out for, answered questions, and was ultimately patient with us all.  Kudos!  He even agreed to donate it to MoBo’s Loaner Bike Program!  Well, the bike is looking great.  Dan has flown back to the DDR, and we’ll be finishing up the final touches of bike soon.  Ask about it next time you’re in open shop and keep an eye out for it pedaling around soon!

Bamboo Bike Building Workshop by Dan Vogel-Essex