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That’s right!  This years big funraiser (and yes, I DID spell it right!) party is going to be BIKE PROM!!  So get your date, get your tux straight, pick a purty flower and put on your dancing shoes.  Stay tuned for all pertinent details.  And if you are interested in making this grand gala happen, the bring your happy self to the Comet next Thursday, March 1st, at 8:30 pm to begin planning.  If you can’t make it, get with me, Rob, at Mobo, or through the email.

Check out the skirt guards to protect your pretty prom dresses!

Check out the skirt guards to protect your pretty prom dresses!

Also, in regards to my last blog discussing the running of your lights….. really, go with your gut.  If you think you’re rolling through somewhere you could get mugged, maybe you shouldn’t advertise yourself.  Otherwise, run your lights so cars can see you.  That’s all.  Its just food for thought.

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