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Spun Bicycles is Coming to Northside!

We are thrilled to help spread the word about Spun Bicycles, a new bike/skate shop opening March 9th in our neighborhood!

Spun is the brain(/heart)child of Dominic and Judi, two long-time MoBo members and fixtures in our community. One struggles to think of two people more perfect to bring a bike shop to Northside; generous, approachable, and committed to the community, they also bring a wealth of experience and a seriously shocking amount of knowledge.

“We want to provide a service for the community of Northside. We will cater to the urban cyclist, the commuter, BMX’ers and even skaters,” says Judi. “We will provide the very best customer service – no snotty elitist attitudes at Spun Bicycles. We will have a flat screen TV pumping out BMX videos and music. Dominic is in the process of fabricating his own bike racks. This bike shop will be nothing like any other bike shop in the city. It will be a destination. A place to hang out and have a beer while you get your bike worked on.”

We can’t wait! According to Judi, Spun is set for a grand opening March 9th. We’ll keep you updated. And you’ll be able to learn more about Spun at their website,, soon.

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