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“Ch-check” This

Hi!  How are you today? Mmhmm.  Really?  K.  Well, let’ talk about something else.  What do you want  to talk about?  Whatever?  Ok, you asked for it…

Watch Out For Car Doors!When you ride down the street and there’s 2 lanes, but one is filled with parked cars, how do you ride?  Do you ride in the middle of the traffic lane?  Do you ride towards the outside of the traffic lane?  Do you ride in the parking lane, all close to the cardoors?  The sidewalk?  Not sure?  Think for a minute.  Maybe you’ve been going down Hamilton Ave through Northside down by Hoffner Park.  On the north side of Blue Rock heading down towards Spring Grove.  There you have two lanes at your disposable, if the bus isn’t taking up the outer.  Once we cross over Blue Rock, cars begin to park in that lane and there is only one left for moving traffic.  Where do you go?  Straight to Take the Cake?  Ok.  Now back out in the street…   Car behind you and bus ahead of you.  Yeah, it a big car!  They’re all big!  Wait!  Real quick, just consider what could happen if you try to make yourself small against that wall of parked cars.  You know, to give those people in the vehicle that can do 0 to 70 in how many SECONDS the opportunity to squeeze past you?  THEY CAN WAIT!!  They can.  Really really really realize that if a cardoor opens up and hits you, you’re screwed.  If it opens up and you hit it, you’re screwed.  And not in the fun way!  How will we be friends for thirty years if you didn’t make it?!  Own your lane.  See your line in front of you.  Pedal.  How often have you caught yourself only looking at the moving traffic?  How often do you listen to your space radio while cruising?  Think about how crucial it can be to see the head inside the parked car moving like they plan on opening the door, and hear the ‘ca-click’ of the latch and lock.

No, you haven’t done anything wrong.  Just something to run round in your head tonight.  Each one teach one, right?  Why would you NOT want to think about this?

See ya later.

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