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Peas and Bicycle Grease

MoBo Kicks Ass into the New Year!  2012 Represent!!What a year. We have kept ourselves busy. Mountains of work have been moved. Frustrations and worries expressed. Laughter, hugs, and love found. Sometimes we’ve been awkward. Sometimes we had trouble communicating. Sometimes we got angry. And we recognized that and its ok. Its a new day and a new moment even as these words appear. What will we accomplish next?

So many people have given so much. Time, energy, materials, advice, love, support, understanding, critiques, friendship, inspiration… the list goes on. All gifts. All blessings. All of it channels back out of MoBo. Its a smile, a helping hand, a presence, a reassurance, a support network that ripples out the doors of the shop to flow around our neighborhood and even the whole of Cincinnati itself. Amazing the things that have been accomplished through the existence of a tiny little community bicycle workshop. What will happen next? Will we we continue to as a tiny little workshop? Will we inspire a child? Bring understanding & peace to tensions and discomfort? Share jokes? See more and more people riding bicycles down the street? Will we continue to build a place that that vibrates with life and friendship each time we sign in?

There have been as many ideas shared within those walls, as seeds have been planted in the surrounding gardens, as the turns of the wrenches each week, as rotation of the wheels of your bike when its all said and done. Endless possibilities. Potential roadblocks. Only way to see what happens is to keep taking part part, isn’t it? It won’t be easy sometimes. Sometimes it will be epic. Other times humbling. And, hopefully, we all come out for the better.

How will we come to MoBo in the new year? What can we give to it? How can we help? And when its figured out, it feels good.

Happy New Year and Love

Cincinnati Bike Plan Update!!!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the Bike Plan is moving forward!

A first draft of the proposed Facility Network Map has been posted online for public review and comment.  This map shows all of the infrastructure (like bike lanes and sharrows) that we are proposing city-wide. A few definitions are provided below.

The draft map was developed based on feedback we received from the public at open houses, on neighborhood rides, and online regarding where they would like to be able to travel. I hope you will take some time to review the draft map and let us know if we’re missing any critical corridors or connections.

The remainder of the draft plan (the policy recommendations) will be posted online in late April, and our final Open House to solicit comments will be May 5, from 6:30-8:30 pm at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center, 3711 Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH, 45220. We will accept comments on everything until May 15.

The draft Facility Network Map can be accessed at Please help spread the word to others that may be interested.



Melissa McVay

City Planner

Department of Transportation & Engineering

Press Conference held to announce bicycle-friendly initiative on Spring Grove Ave

TUESDAY, MARCH 17th 1:30 PM on the steps of CITY HALL
Cincinnati City Council hold a press release to announce
Bicycle Friendly Improvements on Spring Grove Avenue !!!

Cincinnati City Councilman Greg Harris, the newest member of City Council, wants to make his mark with bikes.
Councilman Harris intends to introduce a resolution requiring a segregated bike lane on Spring Grove when they initiate the rehab process in the next week or two. He wants to announce the initiative at a press conference on the steps of City Hall, Tuesday at 1:30pm. And he’d like to be surrounded by Bike People. Preferably Bike People who would stick around for the Neighborhoods Committee meeting afterward and support the idea.
Spring Grove Avenue is a major commuter route, especially for our friends at Mobo and other Northsiders, and is greatly in need of improvements. Please show support for Councilman Harris as he supports us!