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Peas and Bicycle Grease

MoBo Kicks Ass into the New Year!  2012 Represent!!What a year. We have kept ourselves busy. Mountains of work have been moved. Frustrations and worries expressed. Laughter, hugs, and love found. Sometimes we’ve been awkward. Sometimes we had trouble communicating. Sometimes we got angry. And we recognized that and its ok. Its a new day and a new moment even as these words appear. What will we accomplish next?

So many people have given so much. Time, energy, materials, advice, love, support, understanding, critiques, friendship, inspiration… the list goes on. All gifts. All blessings. All of it channels back out of MoBo. Its a smile, a helping hand, a presence, a reassurance, a support network that ripples out the doors of the shop to flow around our neighborhood and even the whole of Cincinnati itself. Amazing the things that have been accomplished through the existence of a tiny little community bicycle workshop. What will happen next? Will we we continue to as a tiny little workshop? Will we inspire a child? Bring understanding & peace to tensions and discomfort? Share jokes? See more and more people riding bicycles down the street? Will we continue to build a place that that vibrates with life and friendship each time we sign in?

There have been as many ideas shared within those walls, as seeds have been planted in the surrounding gardens, as the turns of the wrenches each week, as rotation of the wheels of your bike when its all said and done. Endless possibilities. Potential roadblocks. Only way to see what happens is to keep taking part part, isn’t it? It won’t be easy sometimes. Sometimes it will be epic. Other times humbling. And, hopefully, we all come out for the better.

How will we come to MoBo in the new year? What can we give to it? How can we help? And when its figured out, it feels good.

Happy New Year and Love

MoBo Kids’ Day 2010!

It’s summer time, and that means that Mobo Kids’ Day has begun.

Kids’ Day is probably the coolest thing Mobo does. It is a weekly kids
only night filled with bike maintenance, snacks, fun, games, and
excitement for all, and it is completely free for all kids involved.
It gives them the opportunity to get a bike, learn how to care for it,
to have some fun, and to meet new people. It is a fantastic resource
to the kids and our community.

Just this past Monday was the first Kids’ Night of the summer, and it
was a huge success. Twenty kids showed up and five bikes were adopted.
There were even special guests from Gorman’s Farm, including Madeline
and her duck and chickens. Mud bricks were made, paint was mixed, and
a cookout was put on by the friendly Civic Garden Center. It was an
absolute blast, and just the first of many to come.

Kids’ Day would not be possible without its great volunteers, both
those who are mechanics and those who help get to know and entertain
the kids.  If you would like to get involved to be a mechanic, sign
people in, play games, or to just hang out and chat with the kids,
please pay a visit. It is going to be a great summer.

Kids’ Day takes place from 5:00 – 8:00 on Monday nights, all summer
through August 12th.