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As the year turns

First thing: no Open Shop on New Year’s Day, Wednesday January 1st, 2020.

Second: What a great year we just had at the shop! Around 100 bikes found new homes, we ran another successful summer of Kids’ Day programming, along with two sessions of STEM bike camps (with one session as girls only), made the kitchen a much more usable and friendly space, and taught dozens of new members all kinds of skills. It was a lot, but what’s really exciting is that next year promises to be even better! So come on down and turn some wrenches, share some knowledge, and make some new friends!

Gobble Gobble Closed for Thanksgiving

No shop tonight, November 27th. See you on Sunday!

Shop closed for Labor Day weekend

It’s been an awesome, busy summer down at the coop. So many wrenches have been turned and bikes returned to the street that we’re all a little tuckered out! So we’re going to take the weekend off to rest and recharge. We’ll see you again next Wednesday!

Annual Bike & Plant Sale May 11th









Spring has come again, and with it, our largest fundraiser of the year! Our volunteers have poured out blood, sweat, and tears preparing for this week. We have refurbished a nice selection of bikes to fit a range of riders and riding styles, and again have a variety of organic, heirloom plant starts.

Bikes will range from $100-$450, with most coming in around $175, and have seen thorough overhauls. Most plants will be $3-6, though we also have a some perennials that are looking for new homes as well.

Every dollar we raise goes directly to supporting our mission of teaching adults and youth how to fix their own bikes and grow their own food.

Additional info, soon to include photos of bikes on offer, at the Facebook event.


Closed for Easter

Some folks celebrate Easter. Some celebrate Passover. Others just want to enjoy a nice spring day. However you’d like to celebrate, we hope it involves riding a bike- but not fixing one at MoBo, because we’re taking the day off on Sunday April 21!